My Shop, My Shipping

ParcelPath is focused on leveling the playing field for Etsy sellers by giving them rates that are competitive with other massive platforms. ParcelPath is 100% free to use and you will only pay the cost of your shipping, that is it. 

Shipping Large Items

If you are an Etsy store that sells larger items you will be very happy with the shipping rates we have negotiated. We have some of the best rates on larger items and this can make or break your store. 

Combined Volume

ParcelPath's rates will continue to get better based on the types of shipping done on the platform. Carriers will allow you to negotiate based on the priority levels you use. The more shop owners we get on the platform that ship in a similar fashion, the deeper we can push those discounts on a given priority selection. If we have massive amounts of overnight shipping on ParcelPath, it allows us to approach the carrier and negotiate around that priority level and thus drive down the cost of overnight shipping. 

Getting Started

Getting signed up on ParcelPath takes only minutes. Each shop is approved by ParcelPath within a day. Once you have been approved you are able to log in and start shipping directly from the platform at no cost. The only thing you will ever pay for on ParcelPath is the cost of your label. 

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